Intensive In-Home (IIH) This is a service for children/adolescents under the age of 21.  This is a time-limited service in the member’s residence and the goal is to keep the member within the home and to decrease the risk of out of home placement.  IIH services is designed to Improve family dynamics, provide modeling, improve interpersonal relations between family members in the home and provide clinical interventions to help improve functioning.  

Mental Health Skill-building (MHSB) This services is defined as individualized training in the following areas: Functional skills; appropriate behavior related to the individual's health and safety; activities of daily living; Use of community resources; Assistance with medication management; Monitoring health, nutrition, and physical condition. To enable individuals to achieve and maintain community stability and independence in the most appropriate environment. 



Crisis Stabilization (CS) and Residential Crisis Stabilization (CSU) These services are direct mental health care to non-hospitalized individuals experiencing an acute crisis of a psychiatric nature that may jeopardize their current community living situation or which puts them at risk of psychiatric hospitalization. These services can be provided to individuals in a safe private location in the community or in their home.  These services can also be provided in our Crisis Stabilization Home.  The goals of these service are: to avert hospitalization or re-hospitalization; provide normative environments with a high assurance of safety and security for crisis intervention; stabilize individuals in psychiatric crisis; and mobilize the resources of the community support system, family members, and others for ongoing maintenance, and rehabilitation.