Our purpose is to provide quality mental health services to stabilize, strengthen and support youth, families and the community at large.


  • Provide crisis support and response
  • De-escalate situations involving defiant, challenging and risky behaviors
  • Prevent out-of-home placements and other disruptions threatening families
  • Intervene to reduce symptoms of a variety of mental health disorders
  • Maintain foster home placements


  • Produce greater family cohesion and attachment through family therapy
  • Create healthy, nurturing environments in which children can thrive
  • Build-up parenting skills, tools and techniques
  • Encourage healthy peer relationships
  • Promote prosocial community involvement


  • Psychological evaluations and diagnostic assessments
  • Link to community resources
  • Advocacy and assistance in navigating the medical, educational, social service and psychiatric systems
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other service providers
  • Provide timely communication to the Department of Social Services, Courts and other treatment team professionals
  • Comprehensive discharge planning