We embrace three basic tenets we think are essential to effectively implement our mission with excellence. These tenets are Integrity, Professional Growth and Client Health.

We are committed to maintain the highest ethical standards, ensure compliance with all regulations and obligations as dictated by governing agencies and establish open, honest and authentic relationships with all our partners.

  • Trustworthy, reliable and reputable services to the community
  • Frequent, consistent and accurate communication with Referral Sources
  • Adhere to clear ethical standards and boundaries with clients and families
  • Employ professionals with quality education and experience
  • Accountability to ensure professional responsibilities are being met
  • Maintain client records that are accurate, organized and compliant


Client Health:
We are committed to providing services that focus on enhancing our clients’ quality of lives and expanding their ability to meet the needs and demands they encounter on a daily basis. Our clients and their well-being are the focal point of all we do. We are always striving to improve and provide the highest quality of mental health treatment.

  • Develop client independence and autonomy
  • Promote self-esteem, confidence and dignity
  • Improve family function and cohesion
  • Manage and reduce mental health symptoms and behaviors
  • Equip clinicians with sound theoretical knowledge and solid clinical tools


Professional Growth:
We are committed to creating an environment that encourages and nurtures professional growth for its employees while preventing burnout that is commonplace among mental health professionals.

  • Dedicated to using monthly staff meetings as a forum to enhance the repertoire of clinical skills and knowledge of community resources, as well as develop professional relationships
  • Provide weekly supervision and periodic workshops to ensure continued growth of our clinicians.
  • Create new programs, positions and growth opportunities for employees
  • Pursue a progressive business model
  • Strive to provide an enjoyable, engaging and rewarding work environment